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Fundraising with Corky's BBQ

What makes a Corky’s Bar-B-Q Fundraiser better than the rest?

Outstanding Value

Each package feeds 10-15 people

Easy to Sell

VOTED #1 in Memphis

No Minimums or Other Costs

From 10 orders to 10,000

More Chances to Earn $$$$

Superbowl, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas

Huge Profits with Less Work

You keep $10-$15.00 per item sold! More $$$$ in less time (Compare to other fundraising items)

Everything You Need

FREE color selling brochures and custom order forms printed with your organizations name

How does a Corky’s Fundraiser work?

We want to make this the Easiest and most profitable fundraiser your group has ever done and with Corky’s Reputation our products will practically Sell Themselves!

  • Choose an option.
  • Contact Corky’s.
  • Receive fundraising packet.
  • Start Selling!!!
  • 7 days before pick-up, contact Corky’s with preliminary sales figures
  • Keep Selling!!!
  • Two days before product pick-up, give us your final sales numbers.
  • Pick-up and pay for product.
  • Deliver product to customers.

Contact Us to Start Fundraising Today!