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QVC Order

Our goal is to provide you with Legendary Service.

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Can I place a custom order?

Our QVC offers are created specifically by and for QVC to sell and cannot be customized

Can I order an item from Corky’s since it’s sold out at QVC?

The offers at QVC are exclusive to them and not are available through Corky’ We listen and if we sell out fast we will try our best to offer those products again.

How do I cook my product?

Most of our offerings are fulling cooked you just need to thaw, heat, and enjoy! Printed instructions are included in your order, or you can search for nutritional information and heating instructions.

Can I change or stop my Auto Delivery?

Yes you can! You must call QVC or Visit the QVC website to adjust as you need, Corky’s cannot adjust orders.

When will Corky’s be on QVC?

We do not know too far in advance, best to check program guide

My order arrived with no dry ice.

As long as the contents of your package arrive cool to the touch, it is perfectly fine to put in the refrigerator to enjoy within 5 days or in your freezer to enjoy up to a year.

Is it safe to refreeze thawed products?

Absolutely!  The great thing about buying from Corkys is that we Cook, Pack, and ship for peak freshness and flavor you can feel confident that your order has not been refrozen before it reaches you.

Looking for product information?


I have not received my order?

The fastest way to find out is to go your account at for tracking information, or call QVC at 1888-345-5788.  Since you placed your order through QVC it may take up to 48 hours for us to research QVC order information.