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Cookin' With Corky's

Dig in with family and friends from Memphis’ legendary Bar-B-Q joint!

It is with great joy and pride that I present to you Cookin’ with Corky’s: Dig in with Family and Friends from Memphis’ Legendary BBQ joint! These recipes have been years in the making—you could say since 1984, when Corky’s first opened its doors and so many of the people who contributed became involved with the restaurant that has become such an integral part of my family and my life.

You’ll see over and over that we call the people of Corky’s family. This is not just corporate jive talk. This is how we feel. I hope that as you discover these recipes and, more importantly, cook and taste from them, that you will come to love the Corky’s family as much as I do. We’re quite a bunch and we love us some lip-smacking good cooking. Whether you come visit us at our restaurants, order our barbecue through QVC or our website, or master your own smoker at home, I wish you the great, good joy that barbecue can bring to any table.

Eat well, live long, and prosper! (And add extra sauce if necessary.)

Yours, Don Pelts